Le póste di Simplicio”

All our guests have wondered where the name comes from and what it means.

Simplicio, one of the numerous children of Giovanni and Maria Rossi, was born on the island of Giglio at the beginning of the 1900s. He lived with all the family in the paternal home up at Castello, and every day he came down to Campese by foot to work in the sulphur and pyrite mine.

At the end of every shift, before going back up to Castello, he stopped on his cliff to admire the sea and cultivate the Ansonaco, the island’s typical vine on the thin soil covering the granite.

And it’s right in the middle of these small terraces, or rather, as they say on Giglio, in the middle of his “póste”, that Semplicino (that’s what they all called him) started to build the first rooms where he lived with all his family, which make up our B&B today.

Our history is closely linked to this cliff overlooking the sea and so is the passion and love for this land that has been passed down the generations.

It is with this passion that we look forward to welcoming you, so together we can savour the unique beauty of this place.