It seems incredible how many paths criss-cross our small, wild island. There are 29, all well signposted and of varying levels of difficulty. There are paths that you can follow in just under an hour, and others that take nearly four hours to walk. Some start from right next to our B&B, while for others you’ll need to get to the start point by car or bus (or if you’re really fit, you can even do it all on foot!). Along these paths, you can reach beaches or bays where you can enjoy the sea and the sun in total solitude and privacy, even in the most popular periods of the year. Some of these paths used to be mule tracks, the only roads that Giglio's inhabitants had, which they travelled on foot or by mule to go from one village to another and to reach the fields. You can walk them all at any time of the year, but it is in spring, with the blend of sky, sea and nature reawakening, that our guests can really feel unique sensations. You’ll know that on the island of Giglio you’ve found a spiritual place that you’ll find hard to leave behind.

Another exclusive trekking opportunity for our indefatigable guests are the geo-mineralogical paths, the first and only of their kind in Italy, where you can observe the rocks to understand the morphology of our surprising island.